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Alcoholic Ginger Beer Recipe

Making alcoholic ginger beer at home is very easy and simple! You must love this fermented drink if you enjoy the strong, and spicy bite of ginger.

It has the same amount of alcohol as regular beer about three and five percent. This alcoholic ginger beer recipe is perfect with a sweet, spicy, and wonderfully refreshing flavor for warm summer days and winter nights.

Start now and experience the thrill of making your own strong and delicious ginger beer!

Alcoholic Ginger Beer Recipe


A delicious combination of strong, spicy ginger flavors and a moderate alcohol content (usually between 3 and 5%), homemade alcoholic ginger beer is perfect for warm summer days as well as cold winter nights. Start now and experience the thrill of preparing your own strong and delicious ginger beer!

  • In ginger beer recipe, for small-batch fermentation, use plastic bottles rather than glass because glass bottles might break under pressure. For the first fermentation, set aside a 2-liter plastic bottle. Then, before chilling, put the ginger beer into a fresh 2-liter glass jar or recycled beer bottle.
  • Choose yeast wisely. Cultivate a ginger bug with grated ginger, water, and sugar, or purchase ginger bug starters online. Alternatively, use a bit of active dry yeast or champagne yeast for making ginger beer.
  • Release pressure daily to prevent accidents and aid natural carbonation. If the plastic bottle feels tight, slowly unscrew the cap to release pressure, then retighten for safe fermentation.
Alcoholic Ginger Beer Recipe

How to make ginger beer alcoholic


Brewing your alcoholic ginger beer is so easy! If you enjoy the fiery taste of ginger, ensure you’ll love this homemade fermented drink with three ingredients only.


How To Make Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  • Get the peel and juice from the citrus fruits. Throw the peels into the compost.
  • Put all the ingredients into the blender with 1 or 2 cups of water.
  • Blend until a homogeneous consistency. Add water as required. The ingredients can alternatively be chopped in a food processor or with a knife.
  • Use a fine sieve to filter it, then transfer the liquid into a fresh jar.
  • Put in some water.
  • Use an airlock lid to cover the jar.
  • Pour water or alcohol into the container.
  • Allow it to ferment for a week or three months at room temperature, or until no more bubbles are visible.
  • Leave sediments at the bottom of the jar and transfer them into pressure-resistant bottles. Store the bottles in darkness for a minimum of one month to foster carbonation and intensify the flavors.


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Ginger beer becomes alcoholic through the fermentation process, where water, sugar, ginger, and optional ingredients like lemon juice and cream of tartar, along with Ginger Beer Plant (GBP), are left to ferment. This process takes several days, converting a portion of the sugar into alcohol. GBP can be acquired from various commercial sources.

Modern commercial ginger beers typically have no alcohol or less than 0.5 percent. With its spicy-sweet taste, ginger beer is a great mixer, playing a crucial role in classic cocktails. As it is alcohol-free, it is also a popular choice for non-alcoholic beverages.

Ginger beer, as per research from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, promotes digestion and facilitates the smooth movement of food through the stomach. Stomach discomfort and nausea are closely associated.

Homemade Alcoholic Ginger Beer is perfect for sunny Summer Days and cozy Winter Nights, offering a sweet, fiery, and refreshing taste. The potency of this brew can vary between 5 and 9%, influenced by environmental factors and the brewing process itself. Get started and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own delicious and potent ginger beer!


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