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Smashburger Sauce Recipe

Wow! My kids love this homemade recipe for Smashburger sauce, which is really delicious. In terms of flavor, this sauce recipe is simply awesome if they want to eat burgers. They demanded sauce on everything. Here’s the recipe for the Smashburger sauce, in case you are curious. Ketchup, mayo, pickle relish, and spices are easily accessible ingredients that go into making the Smashburger sauce. It is quick and simple. This is a different burger sauce that your kids will love. Enjoy it and give it a try!
Homemade Smashburger Sauce Recipe


What is so special about the Smashburger Sauce Recipe?

What makes Smashburger sauce special is not only the taste but also it left me with loving memories of my kids. Its unique taste is just outstanding, which is the combination of sweet, tangy, and savory flavors. As mentioned, it includes mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, and spices, making a well-balanced sauce. It enhances the taste of the burgers and my kids simply enjoy it. Also, the Smashburger sauce can be customized and allows variations. You can change the original recipe as per your taste but fundamentally the ingredients will be the same. To know more, scroll down for ingredients and step-by-step directions.

Smashburger Sauce Recipe Ingredients

How to Make Smashburger Sauce Recipe

Prep Time:5-10 mins
Cooking Time:None
Total Time:5-10 mins

This homemade version of Smashburger sauce is simple, quick, and easy, This does not require any cooking and is prepared in less than 10 minutes. In simple words, to start with Smashburger sauce involves simple mixing and combination of the ingredients mentioned in the table. There is no cooking involved and requires no lengthy preparation process. Keep it in the refrigerator to allow the ingredients to settle in. Voila! Your Smashburger sauce recipe is ready and you can enjoy it with yummy burgers.

Recipe Tips and Notes

Ratio: The ingredients ratio can be adjusted based on your taste buds. You can experiment by adding more or less the ingredients to achieve the desired taste. Check the ingredients list below.

Consistency: You change the consistency of the sauce, that is, you can make it thicker or thinner by adjusting a small amount of water or vinegar.

Flavor: You can add spices or flavors like paprika, hot sauce, etc to add depth to the sauce.

Mixing: To achieve a balanced flavor ensure mixing of the evenly distributed of all ingredients.

Refrigerator: After the mixing of the ingredients, chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, which will allow the flavors to settle. This is an important step in making the Smashburger sauce.

Bottom Line:

Indulge in the ultimate homemade smash burgers! Crispy, juicy, and bursting with flavor. Skip the restaurant and savor the goodness in your backyard. These burgers are an instant hit, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Homemade Smashburger Sauce Recipe

Easy Smashburger Sauce Recipe

Here is the basic recipe for the Smashburger Sauce Recipe.



Nutrition Facts

Calories  50-70kcal
Total Carbohydrates 2-4g
 Protein 0g
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 1-2g
 Cholesterol 100-150mg
Sodium 260mg
Fiber 0g
Sugar 1-2g


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Smashburger sauce is crafted from just 4 simple ingredients, effortlessly capturing the essence of an authentic Smash Burger. This straightforward recipe isn’t a closely guarded secret. A quick visit to a Smash Burger establishment would reveal that their sauce contains mustard, mayo, sweet pickle relish, and a dash of lemon juice.
The exceptional taste of a Smashburger comes from the smashing process itself. When the burger is pressed, it forms a seared outer layer that traps the juices and flavor inside. This technique also reduces flare-ups on the grill or griddle, as less fat drips onto the heat source due to the reduced surface area.
Perfect for summer vibes! If you’re craving those smash burgers outdoors – and who wouldn’t, it’s summer after all – you’ve got options. While our usual go-to is the trusty indoor stove and griddle setup (check out the affiliate link), don’t let the great outdoors stop you. Take your burger game to the grill by using the griddle right out there. But wait, there’s more. If you’re ready to elevate your open-air cooking game, consider grabbing this flat-top grill (affiliate link) for the ultimate al fresco experience. It’s all about making those outdoor burger dreams sizzle!
The distinctive feature of a Smashburger lies in its cooking technique. Unlike regular burgers, a Smashburger is flattened or smashed while cooking, producing a delectably crispy outer layer and a succulent, flavorful interior. In contrast, traditional burgers are not subjected to this smashing process, potentially leading to a less crispy outcome.
Worth the hype! If you’re questioning their greatness, rest assured – they truly are. The secret sauce infused in the meat brings a burst of flavor, and the patty’s irresistible combo of crispy edges and juicy goodness seals the deal.
Here’s the trick: Parchment paper is the hero! Remember to use it. Just cut a little piece and slip it between the meat and your press/spatula – no more sticking patties.


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