Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

This chocolate peanut butter smoothie has all the makings of a nutritious milkshake!

Made with low-fat milk, peanut butter, frozen bananas, and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Here, we're big fans of smoothies, and my kids' favorite is this nutritious chocolate peanut butter smoothie!

Ingredients – ▢1/4 cup low fat milk (or almond or non dairy milk) – ▢1 banana, sliced and frozen (about 1 cup slices)

– ▢1 tablespoon light creamy peanut butter – ▢1 tablespoon cocoa powder – ▢honey, optional and to taste if desired

In the blender, add all of the ingredients. Blend until smooth.

Before serving, taste and adjust the peanut butter, cocoa, or, if desired, add a small amount of honey to sweeten.