Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Prep Time:40minutes

My family simply loves this ot Honey Chicken Sandwich!


- Skinless chicken breasts or boneless, skinless chicken thighs. - Brioche Buns - Neutral Oil -Toppings

Hot Honey Sauce Ingredients

● Honey ● Salted Butter ● Hot Sauce ● Seasonings: Red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika

Garlic Mayo Sauce Ingredients

● Mayonnaise ● Fresh rosemary ● Dijon or grain mustard ● Garlic ● Lemon juice

Buttermilk Brine Ingredients

● Buttermilk ● Egg ● Pickle Juice ● Hot Sauce

- Brine the Chicken - Make Hot Honey Sauce   - Make Garlic Mayo Sauce - Coat And Fry The Chicken - Assemble The Sandwich

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