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Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe

Damson has many health advantages in addition to being delicious when made into jam. It improves your energy levels and strengthens your immune system! We have the recipe if you want to pack your jam jars full of thick, handmade Damson jam.
Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe


What Is Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe?

Jam made with damsons differs slightly from most other jams. It has a delectable sourness from the fruit’s skin in addition to plenty of sweet flavor. Anyone who enjoys a fruit preserve with a hint of edge will love this Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe, especially when it includes enticing ingredients.

What Does Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe Taste Like?

When damsons are turned into jam, they become even more delicious, even if they don’t have the same sweetness and juiciness as plums. The Damson jam recipe Delia Smith will stun you with its amazing texture and rich, deep flavor, especially if the blandness of fresh damsons leaves you feeling a little letdown.

Why You’ll Love Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe?

The perfect autumn treat is damson jam, which is also very easy to prepare. When you make enough, you’ll have jam that will make you happy all the way till spring! It really does bring out the best flavor of nature and is quite easy and delicious to cook. Nothing beats gathering a large bag of in-season fruit to prepare a delicious, classic, old-fashioned recipe. 
What is The Best Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe?

What is The Best Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe?

The Best Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe is a wonderful way to highlight an overlooked fruit. Great on toast, as a garnish for cold meats, or as a way to add sweetness to stews and gravies.

Ingredients Required For Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe

The key ingredients of Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe include Damsons (stalks removed), granulated sugar, and water.                  

How To Make Damson Jam Recipe Delia Smith?

  • Wash and wipe the damsons. Remove stems by picking over them.
  • Place the damsons in a pan filled with water and simmer over low heat until the fruit is soft, giving them occasional pushes against the pan’s sides to crack open and release the stones.
  • Take the stones out.
  • Add sugar, and mix until it dissolves.
  • When the jam sets, bring to a boil and cook quickly for about ten minutes.
  • Remove the remaining stones as they come to the surface.
  • While still hot, pot and seal.
How To Serve Damson Jam Recipe Delia Smith?

How To Serve Damson Jam Recipe Delia Smith?

Try this delicious and flavorful damson jam to make the most of your summertime damsons. Serve with crusty toast or try using it as a filling for your favorite baked items.

What To Serve With Damson Jam Recipe Delia Smith?

Serve this Delia Smith recipe for Damson jam with dark meats and cheese, or use it as a sweet preserve for toast and scones. Handle it like you would redcurrant jam, either as a relish served on the side or stirred into gravy to create a richer sauce.

Damson Jam Recipe Delia Smith Variations

  • To make classic damson plum jam, leave out the spices.
  • Substitute the spices for a split vanilla pod to add sweet, floral notes to the jam. Before transferring the jam into jars, remove the pod once it has cooked and scrape the seeds back into the mixture.
  • To make a drunken port and damson jam, add a splash of port. When the jam is heated through, simply mix in 1½ tablespoons of port.
  • To make more, divide the batch in half or three.
  • Change up the spices. Add a little allspice, cloves, or star anise. This wild damson jam works well with all the cozy spices of autumn.
Pro Tips To Make Perfect Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam

Pro Tips To Make Perfect Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam

  • If you’ve never been told the ways to remove stones from damsons, you may find it difficult to do so. You can either leave them in and be aware of their presence, or you can cut the stones out with a knife by making a slicing motion along the length of the damson.
  • Sieving the jam after it has started to cook is another option, but be warned that the texture will differ from what you would expect from the typical jam.

How To Store Leftover Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam?

It is important to keep your leftover Delia Smith Recipe for Damson Jam refrigerated to preserve their freshness and shelf life. Microbial growth will be considerably slowed down by the cool temperature.
Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe

Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe

Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam Ingredients

Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam Ingredients

Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam Instructions

Step 1: Turn the oven on to 180°C, 160°C for the fan, 350°F, or Gas Mark 4.

Step 2: Freeze three small bowls or plates. To determine whether you have a “set,” you need these.

Step 3: After emptying the sugar into a bowl, put it in the oven.

Step 4: Simmer the damson fruit with the water for half an hour, or until the fruit is starting to break up and become soft.

Step 5: Add and whisk in the hot sugar. When the first aromas of jam start to come from the pan, you should be quite happy.

Step 6: Switch off the heat. Place a portion of the mixture onto a frozen platter and allow it to cool. Use your finger to push the jam; if it crinkles, it is set. Boil for five more minutes if not.

Step 7: After turning off the heat, leave it for fifteen minutes. Place the jars in the oven for around five minutes while you allow the jam to cool somewhat.

Step 8: Once the jars are full, screw on the lids.

Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam Nutrition Facts (Per 100 Grams)

Delia Smith Recipe For Damson Jam


  • Nutrition values are an estimate only.
Merry weather: Probably one of the most popular Damson cultivars due to its ease of cultivation, typical Damson flavor, and plum-sized fruit yields.
Add one tablespoon of powdered pectin (the kind that doesn’t require sugar) to the boiling jam pot and whisk it in. Check the thickness and adjust with another tablespoon if necessary.
When jam is stored in properly sterilized jars, it should keep for about a year in a cold, dark place. However, when you open a fresh jar, be sure to check for the formation of mold! It might even last longer than a year, but after a year the flavor and color might start to fade.
If you find it unpleasant to leave the stones in, you can cut the damson to a shorter length, twist it, and then use a knife to get the stone out.
Either overcooking the food or using an excessive amount of sugar (recipe with high brix) are the causes of this issue. Reduce cooking time or omit some sugar from the dish as a solution. We advise implementing minor adjustments. Rebalancing the formula usually doesn’t involve making many changes.


Damson’s jam is a little different from most other jams. It has lots of sweet flavor as well as a delicious sourness from the fruit’s skin. This Delia Smith Damson Jam Recipe is sure to please any fruit preserve lover with a dash of spice, especially because it contains some very alluring ingredients.


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