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Easy Cheeky Vimto Recipe

Where have you been if you haven’t had a Cheeky Vimto yet? Cheeky Vimto Recipes are available if you would like to try making one yourself.
Easy Cheeky Vimto Recipe


What Is Cheeky Vimto Recipe?

The Cheeky Vimto cocktail recipe is a classic British drink that is purple and lively, made with strong vodka, port’s rich fruitiness, and WKD Blue’s quirky sweetness. This lively, fruity mixture is delightfully sweet and ideal for people who prefer their cocktails to be less spirit-forward and more energetic.

What Does Cheeky Vimto Recipe Taste Like?

This Cheeky Vimto Recipe is stunning! It has a Vimto flavor. The port isn’t even noticeable; it’s a really lovely and high-quality beverage.

Why You’ll Love Cheeky Vimto Recipe?

A popular British alcopop, WKD Blue, has a unique fruity and fizzy taste that combines with the powerful tastes of vodka, tequila, and port to create the vivid and bold Extra Cheeky Vimto cocktail. The end product is a deep purple beverage with a sweet and tangy flavor profile reminiscent of the traditional British soft drink Vimto. 

What is The Best Cheeky Vimto Recipe?

The Best Cheeky Vimto Recipes are primarily consumed at vibrant pubs and clubs and gets its name from tasting and appearing similar to the fruity soft drink Vimto. It has all the flavors of a traditional Vimto and is produced with just two ingredients, making it incredibly simple to consume!
How To Make Cheeky Vimto Recipe?

Ingredients Required For Cheeky Vimto Recipe

The key ingredients of Cheeky Vimto Recipe Wetherspoons include Vodka, Tequila, Port, and WKD blue.

How To Make Cheeky Vimto Recipe?

  • A pint glass is what we use for the Cheeky Vimto.
  • Place the roby port into the glass first.
  • Once the WKD blue has been added, your Cheeky Vimto is ready.

How To Serve Cheeky Vimto Cocktail Recipe?

Serving Cheeky Vimto Recipes chilled in a pint glass is the best method. Fill the glass halfway with vodka and port, then top with WKD Blue. Mix with a gentle stir. The ingredients are usually chilled, but you can serve it with ice if you’d like.

What To Serve With Cheeky Vimto Cocktail Recipe?

This Cheeky Vimto recipe Wetherspoons is really tasty and quite sweet. It’s a little too powerful, but you could taste it and add additional cranberry juice or even soda to your glass for a longer drink with more fizz. If you are serving this to guests, garnish with a peach slice or a few raspberries.
Cheeky Vimto Cocktail Recipe Variations

Cheeky Vimto Cocktail Recipe Variations

It is possible to modify the Cheeky Vimto recipe Wetherspoons:

Virgin/Mocktail Version

All you have to do to make a virgin Cheeky Vimto is replace the vodka with grape juice. For people who like a refreshing drink without the hangover or who don’t consume alcohol, this version of the cocktail is ideal.

Gluten-Free Version

Make sure you use a gluten-free vodka when making a gluten-free version of the Cheeky Vimto. Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Smirnoff Vodka are two well-known brands of gluten-free vodka. A gluten-free port like Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port can also be used.

Vegan Version

Since neither vodka nor port are produced using any animal ingredients, the Cheeky Vimto is already vegan-friendly. But make sure to use vegan-friendly vodka and port if you want to make a vegan version of the drink. Absolut Vodka and Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port are two well-known products that are vegan.

Keto Version

Use sugar-free grape juice and sugar-free port to produce a keto-friendly version of the Cheeky Vimto. Another option is to use sugar-free vodka, like Absolut Vodka. This form of the beverage is ideal for people on a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

Low-calorie version

Make sure to use diet grape juice and diet port when making a low-calorie version of the Cheeky Vimto. Another option is to use a diet vodka, such Skinnygirl Vodka. For individuals who would like to savor a tasty cocktail without adding extra calories, this form of the beverage is ideal.

Pro Tips To Make Perfect Cheeky Vimto Recipes

Pro Tips To Make Perfect Cheeky Vimto Recipes

There are a few typical errors in Cheeky Vimto creating that you should stay away from.

  • A common error is adding too much port, which can result in an overly sugary beverage. Make sure you use the proper amount of port and measure your ingredients carefully.
  • Another error that might cause the drink to taste harsh is using cheap vodka. Make sure the vodka you use is of the highest caliber, smooth, and flavorless.

How To Store Leftover Recipe For Cheeky Vimto?

Store the Cheeky Vimto Recipes in a sealed jar in the refrigerator; it will keep just fine. You may even come to like how the drink gets softer as the bottle ages. If you have freezer space, you could also place the bottle inside there.
Easy Cheeky Vimto Recipe

Cheeky Vimto Recipe

Recipe For Cheeky Vimto Ingredients

Recipe For Cheeky Vimto Ingredients

Recipe For Cheeky Vimto Instructions

Step 1: Pour a shot of vodka into a pint glass filled with crushed ice.

Step 2: After 10 minutes in the freezer, add one shot of tequila and two shots of port.

Step 3: Add a bottle of WKD Blue and proceed to serve.

Best Cheeky Vimto Recipe Nutrition Facts

Best Cheeky Vimto Recipe Nutrition Facts


  • Nutrition values are an estimate only.
History of the Cheeky Vimto Cocktail Recipe: Thus called because the flavor of this cocktail is similar to that of the fruit juice-based soft drink brand Vimto. The Cheeky Vimto cocktail first appeared in Britain in the early 2000s, but it didn’t get widespread recognition until June 2005, when the Daily Mail tabloid revealed that Welsh singer-songwriter Charlotte Church loved it.
Yes, you can get a non-alcoholic version of WKD Blue by using another blue-colored, fruit-flavored alcopop or a blue raspberry-flavored soda in its place if it’s unavailable. Preserving the fruity and sweet flavor character that combines well with the vodka and port is crucial.
The Cheeky Vimto has an alcohol percentage of about 11.07%, which is greater than many traditional cocktails like the Mojito or Pina Colada, which often have an ABV of 5% to 10%. But compared to powerful drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea, which has an ABV of up to 22%, it has less alcohol.
Particularly among young folks, the Cheeky Vimto is ideal for informal get-togethers, parties, and pre-drinking sessions prior to a night out. It’s a favorite for parties and casual gatherings because of its whimsical appearance and sweet flavor.


The Cheeky Vimto is a timeless beverage that remains well-liked by both bartenders and drinkers. It stands out on any cocktail menu thanks to its distinct flavor and vivid purple hue. You can make the perfect Cheeky Vimto every time by knowing the background and appeal of the beverage, the function of its ingredients, garnishing techniques, variations of the drink, and typical mistakes to watch out for. So why not give it a try and find out why everyone is talking about it?


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