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Easy Copycat Millies Cookies Recipe

You’ll be able to make delicious, real Millie’s cookies that will rival the original recipe with the help of the tips and tactics offered. So prepare to roll up your sleeves, crank up the oven, and start your very own cookie-baking journey right now!
Easy Copycat Millies Cookies Recipe


What Is Millie's Cookies Recipe?

Millie’s Cookies are well-known and renowned. It’s all about finding the ideal balance between texture and flavor. With their crunchy borders and enticingly gooey inside, these cookies provide a symphony of flavors

What Does Millies Cookies Recipe Taste Like?

These mouthwatering cookies are just as tasty as the original Millies cookies, and they’re easier to make. These cookies taste amazing, and they’re quite easy to make. The additions can be changed to fit your preferences or available materials.

Why You’ll Love Millies Cookies Recipe?

The perfect amount of sweetness is present in every bite, providing comfort without going overboard. This wonderful combination is what has made Millie’s cookies recipe a popular treat that attracts people from all over. They have a crispy outside and a soft, gooey inside, so they’re best enjoyed warm if they last that long!
What To Serve With Millies Cookies Recipe

What is The Best Millies Cookies Recipe?

Enjoy this delicious recipe for Millie’s cookies in the comfort of your kitchen. You can make those oozy, mouthwatering goodies at home with this best homemade version of the well-known Millie’s cookies. 

Ingredients Required For Millies Cookies Recipe

Ingredients like butter, caster sugar, light brown soft sugar, egg, vanilla extract, self-raising flour, salt, and chocolate chips are needed for this recipe.

How To Make Millie's Cookies Recipe?

  • Set the oven temperature to 180°C, gas mark 4.
  • Beat together the butter and sugars until creamy, then mix the egg and vanilla.
  • Add chocolate chips after sifting in the flour and salt.
  • For a more rustic appearance, roll into walnut-sized balls; alternatively, roll into a long, thick sausage shape and cut to create more organized cookies.
  • Transfer to baking paper that is not oiled. Simply bake the cookies for 7 minutes, or until they are just setting if you want to experience the real Millies. They will be incredibly chewy and wonderful. If not, cook for ten minutes, or until the edges are just golden.
  • Remove from the oven, give it a minute to solidify, then slide it onto a wire cooling rack.

How To Serve Millie's Cookies Recipe?

The cookie recipe millies cookies will taste like a restaurant-quality pudding at a fraction of the cost if you just serve it straight out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream.
Why Youll Love Millies Cookies Recipe

What To Serve With Millie's Cookies Recipe?

Both tea and coffee are common beverages to have with the cookie recipe millies cookies With a sweet dessert, milk or even a glass of ice water can be pleasant if you’d rather have something cool. Try having your cookies with a glass of wine or beer if you want to be a little fancier.

Millie's Cookies Recipe Variations

  • Prepare the dry ingredients: Get ready to enhance the chocolatey flavor of your cookies by adding to the original dry ingredients. To achieve a deep chocolate flavor, measure out an appropriate amount of cocoa powder.
  • Add cocoa powder: Measure out the cocoa powder and stir it with the dry ingredients (sifted flour included). Make sure the cocoa powder is uniformly distributed by thoroughly mixing everything.
  • Add chunks or chips of chocolate: Add your own amount of chocolate chunks or chips for a double helping of chocolatey bliss. During baking, these will melt and combine with the dough to form pockets of oozy, chocolatey deliciousness.

How Are Millie's Cookies Without Egg Made?

It is possible to bake Millie’s cookies without eggs if you or someone you are baking for has dietary restrictions.

  • Get the flax egg ready: Make a flax egg if you or the person you are baking for needs an egg-free version. In a small bowl, combine 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed and 3 tablespoons water.
  • Allow it to get thicker: Give the flaxseed mixture a few minutes to settle. The mixture will thicken and become gel-like throughout this period.
  • Use a flax egg in its place: Replace the egg with the prepared flax egg when you get to the part where you have to incorporate the egg into the mixture. Blend it with the butter and sugar mixture just as you would with a regular egg.
Pro Tips To Make Perfect Recipe For Millie's Cookies

Pro Tips To Make Perfect Recipe For Millie's Cookies

  • Experimenting with different mix-ins: Although chocolate chips and sprinkles are required in the traditional recipe, feel free to experiment with different mix-ins. Your cookies can take a wonderful turn when you add chopped nuts, dried fruits, or even crushed candies.
  • Consistent sizes for cookies: Try to keep your cookies about the same size so they bake evenly. To get consistent results, you can portion out the dough with an ice cream scoop or a spoon.

Verifying completion: While your cookies are baking, keep a watch on them. Their edges should be golden, and the center should be just a little bit soft. Keep in mind that when they cool, they will continue to solidify.

How To Store Leftover Recipe For Millie's Cookies?

For the Millie’s cookies to maintain their chewy, fresh texture, store them in an airtight jar or container.
Easy Copycat Millies Cookies Recipe

Millies Cookies Recipe

Recipe For Millie's Cookies Ingredients

Recipe For Millies Cookies Ingredients

Cookie Recipe Millies Cookies Instructions

Step 1: Set the oven’s temperature to 180°C and mark 4.

Step 2: Cream butter and sugars together, then mix vanilla and egg.

Step 3: Sift in the chocolate chips, flour, and salt.

Step 4: Roll into walnut-sized balls for a more rustic appearance, or roll into a thick, long sausage shape and cut to create more organized cookies.

Step 5: Transfer to ungreased parchment paper. Simply bake the cookies for 7 minutes, or until they are just setting if you want to experience the real Millies. They will be incredibly chewy and wonderful. If not, cook for ten minutes, or until the edges are just golden.

Step 6: Remove from oven, let cool for a minute, then slide onto a wire cooling rack. If they are not all consumed right away, these are excellent warm and store well as well!

Cookie Recipe Millies Cookies Instructions

Cookie Recipe Millies Cookies Nutrition Facts

Per one serving:


  • Nutrition values are an estimate only.
Bake the recipe for Millie’s cookies for 7 to 10 minutes at 180°C, or until the edges are firm but the center is still soft.
Yes, you can increase the chocolate content by adding 200g of chocolate chips rather than the recommended quantity. For an even deeper flavor, you can also use a blend of dark and milk chocolate chips.
To get a smooth and pourable consistency for the frosting on the cookies, mix the icing sugar with a small amount of water or milk. Additionally, you can add a few drops of lemon juice or a dab of vanilla flavor for different flavors. 
Start with premium ingredients, making sure to thoroughly mix the sugars and soften the butter. To get the right texture, observe the baking time and avoid overmixing the dough. Try experimenting with other components, like almonds or dried berries.
Home bakers adore how easy the recipe is to follow and how delicious the finished product is. The cookies’ realistic flavor and gooey texture have been complimented as being on par with the original Millie’s cookies recipe.


You can enjoy the well-known cookies in the comfort of your own kitchen with this handmade Millie’s cookies recipe. Your sweet craving will be satiated by these cookies, regardless of whether you like them gooey or crunchy. Feel free to experiment with different flavors and mix-ins, and personalize them with double chocolate or frosting for a fun touch. 


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